2018 Playlist: 100 songs of greatness!

I am a fan of all music. So it goes without saying that being on Spotifyconstantly is how I get through the work day, and I have more recently used the Chill Instrumental playlist as white noise at home during zero screen time. 

A place where people can have access to millions of songs and are free to go down a rabbit hole of everyone's catalog, is incredible. It is a match made in heaven for me.

The other fun part of Spotify for me, is seeing what everyone else is listening to real-time. I like to get inside the minds of others and figure out what helps them get through the day.

The playlist

There are so many different styles on this list. Also, it's worth mentioning that these songs aren't even all from 2018.

I tend to go back and forth between current music and the classics. For me, music often acts as a time warp, so if I am in a funk and I want to get to a better place I will often go back to a classic jam.

Direct Link - Quincy Forte: This is my 2018

My top picks

I have a few favorites from this playlist that I have gone back to over and over. These are songs that are in "heavy rotation" according to Spotify. I'd actually be curious to see how many times I played particular songs, but that is a nerdy curiosity that I am sure they are able to determine my mindset from over at Spotify.

If I had to list them in no particular order:

There is a common theme in a lot of my top picks. In looking back at it, I feel like most of the tunes that I go back to are simply motivational. I only put a few songs from Nipsey's Victory Lapand J. Cole's KODalbum, but those are the two that I can jam in their entirety and push myself when I am working out. 

Lupe Fiasco's "JUMP"actually grew on me. I honestly didn't like the song at first, but the more I listened to it the song was deeper than I originally conceived. Besides, sometimes you actually just need fun songs that you can bounce to, and that is what this is for me (then there is the fact that there is talk of alien abductions, which is just great). 

Tobe Nwigwe had a break out year. If you haven't been following him, or even know who he is, you should check him out. He has been blowing up via the video shorts on Instagram for "Get Twisted Sunday." While getting his hair twisted, he freestyles and it's amazing.

I feel like the over arching theme of all of the songs for 2018 are love, motivation, fun, and self-awareness. I will caution you that some songs are explicit, but if you can get passed the language I think anyone can dig at least 70% of my picks.