Mind vs. Consciousness and other things

This week I have been in a weird headspace of the meta physical and philosophical variety. There are a lot of streams of media that I have consumed that have lead me down this path of brain dumping.

It is difficult to ignore when the universe is literally throwing you a direction that you weren't expecting to go. It all starts with one thing, but little by little small whispers become loud screams impossible to ignore.

Waking up at 3AM and the Collective Conscious

There are always surprised looks when I tell people that I wake up at 3AM everyday--yes, even on the weekends. 

The most common question is "what time do you go to sleep?" People also typically want to know what super power that I have that keeps me rising at such an odd time. The answer? I have no super powers and I generally go to sleep between 8:45 and 9:30. Every now and again I will get a wild hair and stay up until 9:45...if I just want to get crazy with it. 

Chameleon vs The Permanent Self

I have been the new kid a lot in my life. In my earlier years we moved around a lot, so it wasn't until around high school that I was able to stay put long enough to develop relationships. 

While there are drawbacks to always being the new kid, I feel that through these experiences I was able to stretch myself as a human. I was able to, unknowingly, develop the super power that allows me to quickly get to know people and bond. 

2018 Playlist: 100 songs of greatness!

I am a fan of all music. So it goes without saying that being on Spotifyconstantly is how I get through the work day, and I have more recently used the Chill Instrumental playlist as white noise at home during zero screen time. 

A place where people can have access to millions of songs and are free to go down a rabbit hole of everyone's catalog, is incredible. It is a match made in heaven for me.