Waking up at 3AM and the Collective Conscious

There are always surprised looks when I tell people that I wake up at 3AM everyday--yes, even on the weekends. 

The most common question is "what time do you go to sleep?" People also typically want to know what super power that I have that keeps me rising at such an odd time. The answer? I have no super powers and I generally go to sleep between 8:45 and 9:30. Every now and again I will get a wild hair and stay up until 9:45...if I just want to get crazy with it. 

Chameleon vs The Permanent Self

I have been the new kid a lot in my life. In my earlier years we moved around a lot, so it wasn't until around high school that I was able to stay put long enough to develop relationships. 

While there are drawbacks to always being the new kid, I feel that through these experiences I was able to stretch myself as a human. I was able to, unknowingly, develop the super power that allows me to quickly get to know people and bond. 

2018 Playlist: 100 songs of greatness!

I am a fan of all music. So it goes without saying that being on Spotifyconstantly is how I get through the work day, and I have more recently used the Chill Instrumental playlist as white noise at home during zero screen time. 

A place where people can have access to millions of songs and are free to go down a rabbit hole of everyone's catalog, is incredible. It is a match made in heaven for me.